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We envision communities where people from all walks of life, even in the most remote areas of the UK, have the knowledge to save lives, administer first aid and to be trained to the highest of standards.

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Use this simple First Aid & Fire Safety Requirements Calculator to accurately calculate how many first aiders you need and the level of training they require. 


Simply input a few details about your workplace and then the calculator creates a bespoke, printable report that breaks down your first aid requirements and recommends suitable training - perfect for demonstrating that you have completed a thorough needs assessment.


Regiment First Aid Training

For corporate clients and individuals

Never feel helpless again, having the knowledge and confidence to help save a person’s life is one of the most important attributes a person can possess.


One of your work colleagues, family or friends might one day be in a life-changing incident and they will look to you for immediate help. Regiment First Aid will prepare you for that day.


We offer a wide range of First Aid courses ready to fulfil your every medical need in the workplace and at home.

Regiment First Aid Training is proud to be working in association with Multiple training organisations to provide Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) and SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) regulated First Aid, Fire and Food courses through the FAA (First Aid Awards) certifying body.

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First aid training courses

Why Choose Us Over St John's Ambulance or British Red Cross?

All of Regiment First Aid Trainers are fully qualified

We are knowledgeable in our field, having worked in high risk environments throughout the world

All of our courses are Ofqual regulated Level 2 and Level 3 First Aid qualifications

We have the first-hand experience of delivering first aid under pressure in life-threatening situations, so you can take comfort in the knowledge that the people training you have actually been in real life situations, they understand why you need the highest levels of training and can offer you a true perspective.


Companies We Work With

First aid training courses

Addressing the problem with an accurate casualty location

what3words is a really simple way to talk about location. We have divided the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and assigned each one a unique 3-word address. It means anyone can accurately find any location and share it more quickly, easily and with less ambiguity than any other system. 

Download the app here

First aid training
First aid training courses
what3words emergency response map
online first aid training

We’ve teamed up with Policy Bee to get you up to 10% off your professional indemnity insurance.

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online first aid courses
online first aid courses
online first aid training
First aid training courses
First Aid image
First Aid image
First Aid image
First Aid image

Popular First Aid Courses


We can run First Aid courses for small or large groups. We can deliver the First Aid course from your place or work. If you require off-site training we can accommodate that as well. We have delivered training over the years which include, schools, colleges, hotel groups, entertainment chains, restaurants, nurseries, Local Authorities and large corporate clients.

For First Aid courses in your area visit out BOOK YOUR COURSE HERE

Where an organisation’s risk assessment of First Aid needs identifies that there is a requirement for Emergency First Aid at Work practitioners,  then this national Award in Emergency First Aid at Work satisfies the requirements of the regulatory body for First Aid - the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

This comprehensive three-day course covers a wide range of first aid emergencies, enabling all participants to deal with emergency situations with confidence in a prompt, safe and effective way. In addition, this course will include any protocol changes that may have arisen since their last training course.

The qualification is designed for learners with a responsibility for the care of children and babies and provides knowledge and skills to deal with  a range of paediatric first aid conditions and incidents.

The purpose of the qualification is for the learner to attain the knowledge and practical competence required to deal with a range of  Paediatric First Aid situations.

All learners will have the skills and knowledge to provide the organisation with Emergency First Aider’s that can provide treatment to their casualties in a prompt, safe and effective manner.

This course will give the participants a qualification to the highest level of First Aid, meeting the statutory requirements of the Health and Safety

 (First Aid) Regulations 1981.

A range of subjects are covered including:

Resuscitation and AED awareness

Responsibilities and reporting


Assessment of the situation



Dealing with an unresponsive casualty

Minor injuries


Basic hygiene in First Aid

Bleeding control


A range of subjects are covered including:

Sprains and strains






Legalities, responsibilities and reporting

Resuscitation and AED awareness

Assessment of the situation

Dealing with an unresponsive casualty


Shock (including Anaphylaxis)

Fractures and spinal injuries

Heart attacks


Control of bleeding

Head injuries

Eye injuries


Chest injuries

A range of subjects is covered including:

Role of the Paediatric First Aider


Primary Survey


Resuscitation (CPR including the  safe use of an AED)

Minor injuries

Wounds, bleeding and shock

Recovery Position


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Health and safety course

Recommended First Aid Training Products

We provide all the equipment needed for any first aid training course. With our competitive prices and a large selection of first aid training products, we can provide you with all the tools you need to continue the practice of first aid.

Here are a few recommended items to start your inventory. Please visit our online store for all of our selection.

Brayden CPR Light Up Manikin



The Brayden AED/CPR Manikin is a state of the art manikin. It has a visual LED display of the blood flow from the heart to the head allowing the trainee to remember the vital importance of correct CPR technique. The Brayden Manikins are highly regarded by CPR instructors for their user-friendliness, clear feedback, and accuracy. These manikins are a must in the field of CPR awareness and education.

AED Practi-trainer 4 Pack

Universal AED Practi-Trainer (Pack of 4)


With our AED practi-trainer essentials 4-pack

you get:


  • 4 AED Practi-TRAINERS® with English/Spanish (or other language) voice module with 8 pre-programmed scenarios,

  • 4 remote controls (batteries not included),

  • 4 sets of child pads and connector,

  • 4 sets of adult pads and connector,

  • 4 manuals,

  • 4 carry cases,

  • 1 large carry case to carry all 4 AED Practi-TRAINERS®

Little Anne 4 Pack

Laerdal Little Anne QCPR Training Manikin (Pack of 4)


Looking for a realistic and cost-effective set of training manikins? Our Little Anne QCPR 4-pack provides these aspects whilst not compromising on durability and quality.

Designed to work with the QCPR instructor app meaning your students get relevant, real-time information on their performance resulting in an A class standard of training.

Some of the measurable data include compression rate, depth, ventilation and much more. The partner app works with all QCPR manikins. With a multitude of QCPR products working seamlessly with the QCPR app, you can be sure that your first aid training will be premium. 


This lightweight training unit allows people to learn how to use the iPAD SP1 AED in a training environment.

It mimics the features & functions of a live unit, but is for training purposes only – it is incapable of delivering a shock.

This gives people a realistic experience of a variety of scenarios.



Provides a realistic experience for those learning how to use the iPAD SP1, enabling them to become familiar with the device.



The training unit & remote control are powered by the standard batteries supplied with it. No specialist replacements required.



Giving learners confidence in a range of scenarios that they might encounter in an emergency.


This can reproduce all 8 scenarios above as well as situations such as low battery, pads off and volume control.



The training pads are especially designed for training purposes.

iPAD Training Unit


For our complete range of First Aid Training products, visit our online store. We have some of the most competitive prices for the premium first aid training products available 


Find out about our upcoming courses

We run multiple First aid Training and Health & Safety courses throughout the year. See the calendar for more information about course dates or visit our bookings page to see where your closest courses are. We are continually adding courses to our calendar so check back for updated information.

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